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About The Event

Licensing specialists from a diverse, global community of practitioners from companies, law firms and institutions involved in licensing IP come together for cutting edge sessions and networking events at our incredible conference venue, the historic postal train station in the center of Berlin: Station Berlin.

Increase your knowledge about novel trends and insights in the licensing community together with us at the LESI Annual Conference 2020.


Luckenwalder Str. 4-6
10963 Berlin, Germany


Monday to Wednesday
May 18 to 20, 2020

Welcome to LESI2020 - Berlin

As President of LESI I am delighted to welcome you to the next LESI Annual Meeting to be held in the wonderful city of Berlin in May 2020.

As you will read on this site, we’ve worked hard to put together a wide ranging and topical programme which will be of interest to anyone involved in the business of IP – no matter your field of interest and no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you are an existing LES Member ( or not yet ) you can’t afford to miss this LESI Annual Meeting in Berlin in May 2020. Please join us in taking the business of IP to the next level !

See you in Berlin.


Fiona Nicolson
LESI President

LESI is back in Germany

Dear IP- and Licensing Professionals, dear LES members and friends,

after 15 years (2005 in Munich) the LESI Annual Meeting is returning back to Germany!

As Immediate Past President of LES Germany and on behalf of the entire Board of LES Germany and the Organizing Committee it is my very honor and pleasure to personally invite you to the next LESI Annual Meeting in Berlin in May 2020, and we would be very pleased to welcome you to this exciting event.

IP and licensing is one of the “most global” businesses, and this international conference will be a perfect opportunity to strengthen the international cooperation in this area, being such an important factor for “Advancing the Business of IP to the next Level” we are all striving for. The conference will cover a wide area of topics related to IP and licensing, of course emphasizing on recent developments, technically and legally as well as economically, and our high level speakers from all over the world, with different backgrounds and positions, in industry and politics, from the academy world and from private practice, will share their professional experiences and valuable opinions, providing vast opportunities to jointly discuss the developments of IP and licensing in a fast changing world with an ever-increasing speed of creation of innovations and opportunities.

Furthermore, for the first time at an LESI-conference, we will be hosting our “Start-Up Boot Camp” together with APX.

You may be an experienced expert in IP and licensing, being active in this area already for many years or even decades, or you may be a young professional, you may be already an LES member or not (or not yet), either way, we hope and trust that this conference will provide professional and personal value and we therefore kindly invite and encourage you to come to Berlin and join our meetings and discussions.

I am personally very much looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Best regards
Christian W. Appelt
for LES Germany, Immediate Past President

Data as Assets

Highlights of the Conference

  • Keynote from Industry
  • Data as Assets: Overview of a present legal situation with participants from all major jurisdictions
  • Artificial intelligence as a specific challenge in industry
  • IT-Eco-Systems: licensing with major software companies participating
  • FRAND and SEP licensing with major industry participation
  • Legal overviews of recent discussions on cease- and desist claims and restriction thereto
  • Up-to-date Life Science topics
  • New challenges for knowledge transfer between public research and industry
  • Open Innovation as a challenge in international licensing
  • Licensing in trans-border joint-ventures with participants from Europe and the US
  • Workshop LESI and EPA on success stories in SMEs
  • Berlin Start-up Boot Camp jointly with Axel Springer and Porsche’s accelerator APX
  • Woman in licensing special occasion

Sponsors & Congress Management

Here are our valued sponsors. Without them we couldn't make it happen.
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