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Official Cancellation for LESI 2020 Annual Meeting in Berlin

Official Cancellation for LESI 2020 Annual Meeting in Berlin

Official Cancellation for LESI 2020 Annual Meeting in Berlin


It is with regret that we officially announce cancellation of the 2020 LESI Annual Meeting in Berlin scheduled for May 2020. In the coming months, LESI will seek to bring some of the planned content for the meeting online and to seek virtual ways to keep our community connected and informed.   Like many of you, we have closely watched the global situation worsen throughout the last few weeks and have continued to monitor the actions taken by various governments in response to the virus.  While necessary, these efforts have limited our ability to convene our members and have affected various LES events around the globe.

These are very difficult and unprecedented times for us all — and this includes LESI and LES Germany. As you can appreciate, the cancellation costs for the meeting are substantial. Refund options include a full refund of your registration fee or choosing to receive a smaller percentage to a) help offset the costs of canceling the meeting and b) to invest in future programing and the ongoing work of our two organizations.

If you are in a position to consider only a partial refund, we would be very grateful. This would ease the heavy burden LES Germany has with this cancellation.

Please visit our special website for refund of registration fees for the 2020 LESI Annual Meeting. Even if you generously want to financially support  LES Germany with full or part of your registration fees, we beg for your understanding that you fill out the form at:  https://lesi2020.de/request-refund/

  • For further information on the 2020 Annual Meeting and your registration, contact LES Germany at: lesi2020@les-germany.org
  • For further information on LESI and future activities of the Organization, contact: admin@lesi.org

Please stay safe during this challenging time.  We look forward to convening in person again soon.

LES Germany and the local Organizing Committee as well as LESI and the 2020 LESI Annual Meeting Organizing Committee